My School’s Robotics Team at the Denver Regional competition.

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So, I’ve been trying to post this on Facebook, but have had many issues. So, I’m doing it, here… On my much neglected blog. Oh, and my face is still seen about :46 before the end.


Seth in Branson

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This is a video of when we went to Branson in October. Let me know what you think!


Fast Forward

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This is the second post, today. The first is below. I started it in September, and just posted it, a few moments, ago.

OK, so that last post was truncated and late. Today’s my 40th birthday. Also, we had a “snow day” at the school. I actually have some time, tonight. So, here’s some quick catch up for the last 3 months. As always, click on any picture to see a larger version.

In the middle of October, I was home, alone, with Seth. He was cranky and not a whole lot was making him happy. He does love the camera, however. This is a sample of the result:


Not the best picture. But, fun.

Seth’s really too young, for Halloween. We did, however, have to get him a really cute outfit. We were going to go to a friend’s party, but it was outside. We thought it would be too cold for him. So, he wore the outfit, the next day, when we went to visit Barb’s family. Barb’s Mom was recovering from some major surgeries she’d had. She was staying with Barb’s sister and getting ready to go home. So, we went for a quick visit. Here’s a few pics:

Halloween Outfig Trick or Treat Molly

Now, if I call him, “My little Pumpkin”, I can mean it. In the second picture you can see the end of the sentence, “Trick Or Treat” written on his butt… Heh…

I can’t remember when I took this. But, I can’t wait to show it to his girlfriend, one day:


For Thanksgiving, we headed back to SE Kansas. I forgot my camera (bad, daddy). We had to rely on Cousin Molly for pics. These three sum up the day. Pic 1 = Getting Ready to Eat. Pic 2 = Mmmm…. Turkey and Noodles. Pic 3 = Post Turkey nap, for Daddy. I’m raring to go.

Let's Eat Yummy Nappy

For our 5th Anniversary, I gave Barb a trip to Branson. She loves the Ozarks. Especially in the Fall. We dropped Seth at his Aunt’s house on Friday and headed down. We stayed in a great condo, right on a lake. We also went to Silver Dollar City. She wanted to check out the Holiday decorations they put there, every year.
This is the view from the condo balcony.

View 1 View 2

And here’s some of Silver Dollar City

Tree-Day Lights Night

Hannukah (Hanukkah/Chanukah/etc.)
And, finally, our Hanukkah celebration. We waited until Saturday for the dinner and gift for Seth, but we’ve been lighting candles throughout the whole holiday. This was the first time I attempted a Hanukkah meal. So, I kept it simple: Slow-cooked brisket with onion gravy, latkes, and steamed broccoli. I wanted to make sure Seth could eat what I cooked. It was delicious!

After dinner, we gave him his gift. It’s a Leap Frog Brightling’s Exploration Station. He loves it! He also got a Leap Frog Learn n’ Groove drum and maracas from his Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jonathan. He sure is having fun with his new stuff!

Here’s some pictures of the Saturday festivities.

Dinner Present


Happy 6 Months!

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I started the below post in Sept. Never did get it finished. But, here it is, as it was…

6 months… one half of a year… .5 years old… wow…

A lot of things have happened since I last posted. My Mother-In-Law had open heart surgery. She’s doing fine, but it was still scary. During the same time, my parents came to visit their Grandson. I’ve got pictures and video of that, below.

Seth’s changed, quite a bit, too. He’s sitting up, on his own. He’s eating “solid” foods, too. He’s tried oatmeal, rice cereal, peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, and pears. He’s a good eater, as you’ll see in the video, below

It’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed. Between taking care of our son, work, and some side stuff I’m trying to work on, things have been flying by. It feels like, just yesterday, he was a little, helpless, sleeping poop-machine.

Now, on to the pics and videos. Click “More”.


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Holding pattern

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I’m working hard on gathering/editing some pics and movies for another mega-post. In the meantime, this should hold you over. I Stumbled Upon this post from the Sacramento Craig’s List and was highly amused…


To the potheads who took 1 of the 4 free patio chairs I posted on CL
Date: 2007-07-05, 11:36AM PDT

You two girls were amped up about the 4 free patio chairs that I posted on CL. You came over, wafting the aroma of the sticky-icky as you walked by, and sat in the chairs and decided that they were the chairs for you. My husband and I proceeded to pick them up to carry them out front when we were informed that you were driving a Honda Civic. Insisting that you could fit one chair in and then come back for the rest, you squeezed about 4 inches of the chair into the car as the passenger held on tight to the 90% of the chair that was dangling on the outside. Many months have since passed and we have yet to see you stoners again. In my mind, there are 4 likely reasons as to why we have not seen you girls again:

1) You simply forgot where you got the chair and why you even wanted it in the first place and have been mesmerized by an Abbazabba wrapper ever since.

2) You forgot that they were free and are currently piled (along with 3 or 4 friends) on the single chair, passing the dutch and laughing about how you got away with a free chair.

3) On your way home, you forgot where you lived and are still driving around with that damn chair dangling out the window. In which case, am willing to wait a little longer for you to find your way home because I’m certain that once you do, you’ll come back for the rest.

4) You smoked the chair.

Either way, it is quite annoying having 3 chairs and I have found that it is much harder giving away a set of 3 than a set of 4. Admittedly, it will be hard to re-post these chairs because every time I see them I think of the two of you and wonder just what exactly became of that lone chair. I hope that whatever you did with it, it was well enjoyed.

Godspeed, you crazy potheads.


Presenting the “Big-Catch-Up-Post”!

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As I said, I’m trying to make sure I get in a few posts a week. They won’t all be about the Family. But, a lot of them will be. I already made a post, today (see, “Just stupid enough to be true”). However, I thought I’d post a big ol’ catch up post, too.

First, some pics of our Son:

16 Weeks Old

16 Weeks

The above picture is Seth at 16 Weeks. Quite a change, huh? His eyes have started to lighten. We still don’t know what color they will be, but they are starting to look steel blue or like they might be green/hazel when it’s all over. There’s a lot more hair, too. It’s color, too, is still a mystery, but it looks like it might be light brunette or dark red.



Going to get this down..

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OK, time is getting away. I’m working on trying to set a schedule so that I can blog something at least 3 times a week. It won’t always be about Family and Seth. But, it should be something. Of course, I have other projects I’m trying to get going, too. So, we’ll see how this works out.

I did add the possibility to subscribe to my posts via email. It’s a great service and they won’t sell your email address to anyone.

To sign up, look for the “Subscribe to Schachter’s Ramblings by Email” in the sidebar, to the right, in the “Site Meta” section.

Cool, huh?


Behind, once again!

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Already Taking After Daddy National Sethographic

How can time be moving so fast? Has it really been a month since I made a post? It’s just crazy! Things are wacko and getting worse, every day. It seems like I wake up in the morning, run around, and then it’s time for bed. And I still wouldn’t change it for the world.

The past month has been one of real change. Seth’s 14.5 pounds now and 26.5″ long. For those keeping track, he’s in the 50% for weight and the 95% for height/weight.

There’s been a lot of developmental changes, too. He’s in parrot mode, now. He returns our conversations with him, in his own way. Most of his vocals are really gibberish, but he has made some very distinct sounds. He can repeat several sounds directly back to us, including: “Uh-Oh!”, “Sweetheart”, and “Hi!”. Although, “Sweetheart” sounds more like, “Swee………har!”

Seth also prefers sitting up to laying down. And he’s not at all fond of tummy time. We think this kid’s going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. He can also stand, unassisted, for about 2 seconds. He now reaches for his favorite toys, as seen in the pic above, with the mouse. And, he’s trying to pull himself up.

I have some video of him playing with a rattle. Hopefully, I can post it this weekend. We’ll see. I’m putting in a dry well, so time will be tight… Should be a fun time!


Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mom's Day

Today is Barb’s first Mother’s Day. In addition to making her a Mother’s Day Breakfast, I got her two gifts. The first was some tickets to see her favorite 80’s band. She’s so excited :) .

The second gift was a framed collage of pics of Seth. It’s the one you see posted, above. If you want to see a bigger version, click it. I’m pretty proud of it and Barb liked it more than the tickets… she says.

I had several people tell me that I should start selling these collages. They give me pictures (digital or printed) and I put the collage together and sell it. I’m giving it serious thought.

However, that’s off-topic. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers. You are a wonderful bunch.